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Vastu Consultancy

vastu is nascent from Sanskrit word 'vasanivase'. According to Hindu custom, VastuSastra is control of source of energy. vastusastra which is depends on certain mathematical calculations, geography, topography, physics and environment, for land and buildings. Vastusastra incorporated with soil, plot, surroundings and personality of the owner. There are five basic elements known as 'panchamahabhoota' out of the eight planets. vastusastra related to balance of these elements.

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Vastu Diagram, Vastu for house plans Earth (Bhumi or Prithivi): The Earth elements location is southwest, best location of master bed room. If not balanced loss of money. Its effects on everything on the Earth, living and non-living.
Water (Jal, Paani)Northeast area is for water element. Place for indoor and outdoor water features like aquariums, swimming pool and water fountains. If not balanced Loosing god's grace.
Air (Vayu, Hawa, wind) the air element is located in northwest area, best place for air egress. Reaction if not balanced loss in business.
Fire(Agni): fire element find in the southeast area, its represent lights and heats. Best place for kitchen. Unbalanced result is getting into debts.
Space (Akasha): Space element found in the center of each room. Center part of building or Architectural area is called Brahmstan, must be this place cleaned and open not stuffy or constructed. Do not put any heavy object here. If not balanced result for owner or family members ill health.

There are nine direction in vastusastra which is known as Purusha Mandala its constitutes the mathematical and diagrammatic basis for genetating design. Purusha Mandala its mean 'purusha' refers to energy, power, soul and cosmic man and 'Mandala' name of any plan or chart which symbolically represents the cosmos.

know your vaastu-expert

There are 45 major energy fields in building that control by 45 gods in all including 32 outer deities. In Purush Mandala Bramhaoccupied the central Position of the building. Nine directions in purush mandala as per vastusastra are:

  • North - ruled by lord of wealth Kubera for planet mercury (Finance)
  • South - Ruled by lord of death Yama for planet Pluto and Mars (Damaging)
  • East - Is for lord indra ruled by the solar deity - Aditya (Seeing the world)
  • West - that is for lord varuna for planet saturn ruled by lord of water (Physical).
  • Northeast-this is known as eshanyakoan, ruled by lord shiva for Planet Jupiter.
  • Southeast- known as Agni koan ruled by the fire deity - Agni for planet Venus (Energy Generating).
  • Northwest - Vayu ruled by the god of winds (Advertisement)
  • Southwest - Pitru/Nairutya, Niruthi- Ruled by ancestors for Devils and lord Rahu (History)
  • Center - Brahma Ruled by the creator of the universe (Desire).

More sunlight and free space required in north and east side, less free space for south and west side due to sun is the huge source of positive energy. Sun light gives us lots of energy in the time of morning so required east side open or free space, midday its release ultra violet ray and sun turned to south side so required less open space.

Air is another best energy for human being fresh air enters in north side with morning sunlight thesereason for open space in north and east side. in the time of evening ultra violet ray mix with air and air get hot this time sun direction is west due to this reason west side less open space.

Vastusastra deferred to plot, area, dimension and the owner of the land.

ApnaGhar provide the professional vastu consultancy to make a home or building following the arts of vastusastra.

All the designs prepared by Apnaghar adhere to standard Vastu practices. You can explore our Gallery of Vastu Compliant House Designs.

  • Guidelines on VastuGeneral Vastu Guidelies
    Vaastu shastra (vastu design, vastu design Indian homes) provides us with the guidelines for all the processes from the selection of site to the construction of building along with orientation of rooms and the restrictions or pssage of various natural elements like light, winds etc. This in turn is related to enhanced health, wealth, prosperity , success and happiness.
  • Guidelines for designing a bedroomBedrooms
    You may not wish to be entertaining your guests all the time they are with you, and it’s essential that they think they have someplace to go away for a little personal relaxing time. A relaxed chair and ottoman are just the answer. Even a small slipper chair and stool will do the technique, and your guest will have a silent place to be on their own.
  • Guidelines for designing a kitchenKitchen
    The growth in the income pattern of the urban population and the resultant improvements in the standard of living have been the driving factors for home owners to go for better amenities and interior designs suiting individual lifestyles during construction or renovation of homes.
  • Stairs
    Stair building techniques have not changed much over the years, but with the advancement of stricter local building codes in current years it has become really an accurate science. Many places have enacted ordinances that should be adhered to in order to pass the house framing inspection.
  • Pooja Room
    In almost all of the Indian Hindu Homes, a separate room is maintained for " Pooja " or praying. This room is known as the "Pooja Room" and in this room, the deities and the lord's Idols are maintained. Pooja rooms are designed with these idols in silver or chrome frames, with many flowers and miniature jewelry or simply idols are colored in beautiful colors and are created of clay.
  • Dininig
    Rooms for dining in a home vary depending on the dining routines of the occupants. The consuming areas may be a cozy alcove or it could be a breakfast nook that is start to the kitchen. In other conditions, the dining room may be a huge and official space. You are subject to discover at least one of these spaces in the regular home. Larger homes may include dining features in all of these areas.
  • Living Room
    Every house owner wants to have a living room that would both be very comfortable for the family members to relax in on a consistent basis but that would also create a excellent and long lasting impact on visitors who come to visit. It's not actually difficult to complete this since there are tons of gorgeous and relaxed options
  • Water level & direction of fixtures
    The water-supply technique of a building distributes water to plumbing fixtures at points of use. Direction of fixtures involves kitchen sinks, water closets, urinals, bathtubs, showers, lavatories, drinking fountains, laundry trays, and slop (service) sinks.


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