An end to end solution for all your house construction worries

Building your own house is a dream which everyone wants to achieve. A home is a place where you can relax and unwind yourself. You would not want a house with a design that is plain and common, looking like every other house in the neighbourhood. That’s where taking help from an architect comes into the picture. An architect knows that how the available plot space can be used in the best possible way. An architect knows the pattern and trends of an area, geographically as well as aesthetically. Hiring the right architect is the first step to design your dream house. But what is the next step?
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From Contractor to Entrepreneur

If you’re a contractor, building residential projects, and looking for a new way to get more customers, you’ve landed on the right page. Apnaghar is India’s first online architectural website that has delivered more than 1000 House Designs to customers across all over India.



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Is your House Plan wasting the balcony space?

A home without a refreshing balcony is incomplete. Don’t look at your balcony as a utility space which is just used for drying clothes, or an extra storage room maybe. Having a wonderfully decorated balcony can do wonders in lifting your spirit. Just imagine sipping a hot cup of tea, surrounded by beautiful flower pots, and observing people passing by. Or reading your favorite book in a relaxing chair in your comfort place, while a cool breeze flows through your hair. Refreshing, isn’t it? But do you know what you need in order to turn this dream into a reality? A sound House Plan which defines your balcony.


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Stay fit – Choose a floor plan with gym

In our hectic daily schedule we often tend to ignore the most important thing in our life – our health. What’s the point of having all the resources and luxuries, if you don’t take out time for yourself? Most of us might say that they don’t get time to go to the gym, so here’s a simple solution. If you can’t go to the gym, let the gym come to you. How? By designing your floor plan in such a way that you can have a workout area in your house itself.


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Terrace Garden for Beginners

If you always wanted a beautiful garden outside your home but don’t have the space for it, then don’t worry, terrace garden is the solution for you. Nowadays a terrace garden is not just about flowers kept in a pot, it has become more than that. You can also grow lush green grass base and basic vegetables in your terrace garden with a little care and attention.
Here are a few basic tips that you need to follow in order to make a beautiful terrace garden:

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Choose the right house design as per your geographical location

Ever noticed how houses made in different locations have certain characteristics that make them look different according to the geography they are built in? The main reason for it is, it’s not just the look of the house, but also the utility a certain house design provides, which contributes to the house design idea.


House Design

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Avoid building a suffocated home by choosing the right Floor Plan

Keeping your house well-ventilated is a necessity. A floor plan that doesn’t allow good flow of air through the house creates a negative atmosphere in the house. All the odors that rise from cooking and indoor pollutants like dust, carbon dioxide, and moisture, needs to be taken care of otherwise it creates a damp environment inside the house. A well-ventilated house makes sure that you daily breathe ample amount of fresh air, and in turn improvises your health & state of mind.


Here are few ways that you should consider while building your house so that it’s ventilated properly:

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5 Indoor Plants that suit every Indian house design

Plants portray a simplicity which touches every heart. Whenever we plan to design the interiors of our house, we tend to ignore how indoor plants can really enhance the beauty of the house. Not only they contribute to the beauty, choosing right plants according to your floor plan can also cleanse the air inside your home and thus provide a healthy and calm environment.


Here is a list of few plants that are easy to maintain, look beautiful, and also provide fresh air for your home:


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