Electrical Drawing – A necessary safety measure before starting house construction

Electrical Drawings are often one of the most ignored factors while constructing a house. We pay attention to Structure Drawings, Floor Plans, and the Architectural style of the house, but what we don’t think about is the laying down of an electrical system that is safe and robust in a long term. Though safety is the foremost concern while drafting an Electrical Drawing, there are other things as well which need to be considered. Let us understand how this works.


Electrical Drawings provide the basic layout of the electric system of a house. It tells the path of the electrical wires, placement of power boards and switches, power balancing, and power backup mechanism. A good electrical drawing provides an easy to understand executable layout for an electrician. The above diagram shows how a typical Electrical Drawing looks like.
Advantages of getting Electrical Drawing made by an expert:


  • Consideration of all the safety norms and procedures.
  • Right power balancing that saves MCB from unnecessary tripping.
  • Limiting a fire hazard to an area in case of an electrical fire.
  • Smartly minimizing the material to be used for layout, saving money without compromising on the safety.
  • Pre-planned backup systems that provide a seamless experience.


Apart from the usual safety value Electrical Drawings provide, another often neglected part is the interiors of the house. Many a times you will see that some homes have external piping or wires whenever an equipment needs to be installed at a later stage. This might turn your beautiful interiors into an ugly sight.
external electrical piping


A good Electrical engineer considers all the future possibilities and considers such factors, so that any electrical equipment can be installed easily without any external wiring.


All these factors might seem to be minor issues at present but they turn into major nuisance in future if not taken care of today. So make sure that before starting your house construction, you take all the necessary steps or expert guidance for planning electrical system of your home.