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An Electrical Drawing is a layout of electrical wiring considering factors like load balancing, safety measures, and energy efficiency. It provides clear instructions and guidance to an electrician during the installation process.

Where most people take electrical circuitry very lightly, a small error can put your home to big risk. Fire officials believe that nearly 80% of house fires happen because of an electrical fault. Some electrical fires happen because of problems in house wiring or appliance failure, but mostly occur due to improper load balancing.

For residential buildings, additional safety measures have to be carried out for children.

Apnaghar’s team understands the importance of safety of electrical systems in a house. Our Electrical Drawings ensure that the electrical systems are installed in a cost-effective and energy-efficient manner, with high consideration to all the safety norms and functioning.

The engineering team at Apnaghar specializes in creating detailed blueprints of Electrical Drawings that consist of:

  • A plot plan showing interior and exterior wiring of the house.
  • Electrical systems on every floor.
  • Power-riser diagrams displaying panel boards.
  • Well demarcated wiring diagram.
  • Well thought out placement of electrical fittings and switch boards.

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  Floor Plan with furniture Layout

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  Working Drawings (2D Elevation,Detail Drawing of Cross Sectio, Walls,Doors& Windows,toilets & Kitchen)

  Structure Drawings (Beam Details, Foundation Details, Foundation Plan General Arrangement of Beams and Reinforcement Details of Each Floor)

 Plumbing Drawing

 Electrical Drawing

 Bill Of Quantity (Estimate Cost of Construction)