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There are two ways to find out the best House Plan:
– You can choose a house design from our pre-designed gallery, if your requirement and plot area are matched.
– You can get fully customized house design as per your requirements and plot size.
A pre-designed house plan is a readymade house plan made as per standard dimensions. You can browse through our pre-designed house plan gallery to see if you can find a design that fits your need. A customized house design on the other hand, is a design made from scratch as per your specific requirements.
All the house plans available on our website are completely customizable.
Yes. We recommend that you use our services to upgrade your plans so that they meet your local regulations. Ask your building inspector for a list of items that must be completed, added, or modified.
Yes, we keep in touch with our customers throughout the designing process and take their inputs regularly. If you don’t like the design made by our architects, then you can explain your requirements again and get the design changed (maximum two times).
Our customization service is extremely flexible. You can make almost any kind of change that you need, given that the requirement is feasible without compromising the safety of the structure.
Structure drawings help predict safety and stability of a structure against natural calamities like earthquake. It also takes care of live load like furniture and number of people staying at a floor. A good structure drawing assures error-free design, risk analysis, effective cost and material estimation, and creative use of individual structural elements.
Yes, we can modify your chosen house plan to have any foundation – basement, crawlspace, slab, and pier/pile.
Yes. Our house plans can be modified to overcome any lot-related challenges, from sloping to narrow.
Yes. Structure drawings divide a complex structure into individual elements. Structural detailing of steel, fabrication needs, Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) components, and replacement designs are mentioned in structure drawings. This enables builders to figure out material needed, and estimate cost of the project.
Yes, we can. But for that we first need to check if the existing structure is strong enough to support more floors.
Yes, our team of specialists will suggest alternate windows to complement your house and sense of style.
Yes. We also suggest ideas and propose options to help integrate the new addition or extension so that it does not become disproportionate to the original design.
Yes. All of our plans can be easily adapted to accommodate for handicap accessibility.
Yes, you can. If you don’t like the design you can get it changed by our team after explaining your requirements.
In most cases, it is fairly easy to do. Depending on the house plan you have selected, we can suggest several options or a combination of these such as lowering the roof pitch, reducing ceiling heights, or adjusting the exterior ground level. In most cases we are able to adhere to the restrictions without having to alter the look or original design or the home.
Yes, you can change the type of any proposed exterior finish. The ones featured on the homes on our website are just suggestions. Many of our customers choose to do so, either for economic reasons or simply for personal preference. Please note that there are some structural changes involved when converting from brick to vinyl and vice-versa. It is very important that you get your plan modified if you decide to change the type of exterior finish.
Yes. We can modify any design and integrate it with any type of building system in the market.
Some states, counties and municipalities have their own codes, zoning requirements and building regulations. Our house plans were designed to meet or exceed national building standards at the time they were drawn. In some cases, minor modifications to your house plans by your builder or engineer may be required to meet local conditions and requirements. The purchaser should ensure that the house plans comply with all applicable building codes and are suitable for a particular site, including any subdivision restrictions, before actual construction begins.
Following things are to be kept in mind:
– Area that is allowed for construction.
– Number of floors allowed in the area.
– Setbacks and bylaws (space to be left from front-back and left-right sides).
Soil report is prepared by below-ground investigation by boring, sampling, and testing the soil to establish its compressibility, strength, and other characteristics likely to influence a construction project.
You can get the soil report from local soil test agencies. If you don’t have your report then we would need two major things:
– Water level
– Soil Type
Soil report ensures that stability and foundation problems are known in advance that can occur at the time or after construction. Groundwater conditions are also noted which allow for estimating future seepage into foundations, uplift pressures on foundations and the need for adequate drainage. The report will give a classification of all the various types of soils found along with their strengths as determined in the laboratory or on site.
Finally the most important information in these reports will be the bearing capacity of the soil, its shear strength, and the possibilities of settlement or consolidation. Certain soils may have a potential for expansion, which can cause upheaval and other problems.
A series of soil samples are taken from the site and assessed in the lab. Conclusions are reached about:
– Soil classification of the site.
– Bearing capacity of the soil, which is essentially how much weight it can support.
– Reactivity of soil, i.e., how much the soil moves when the moisture content within the soil is varied.
Please refer to our process workflow to know the complete process.
Yes, you can. All designs made by us are in accordance with the local area codes and standards.
The customization cost completely depends on the complexity of the changes that need to be done. Please call us at +91 – 080 39567010 to share your requirements and our representative will arrange you a call with the architect and then quote a price accordingly.
For our customization services, the first draft of floor plan is shared in 3 working days. After getting it approved from the customer, process for further drawings is initiated which takes around 10 working days.
For validation drawings, we take 7 working days to do the analysis and provide you with a general report.
Quality is our foremost priority. Building a house is once in a lifetime event and we believe compromising on the quality of the house structure is a direct compromise on the safety of your family members. Our costs are optimized in accordance with the expertise we put in and the quality of drawings that we deliver.
Simply return the signed E-Quote/ Contract for cost estimate along with your signature and approval mail and complete the required financial formalities as mentioned. Once the accepted E-Quote/ Contract for cost estimate has been received, our team of architects and engineers will begin the modifications to your new house plan. A preliminary design will be emailed to you for you to review the requested changes. After you approve the preliminary design, the plans will be completed and delivered to you.
You can pay our fee via online payment gateway or wire transfer. For each case we will share the necessary account information.
All house plans on Apnaghar website have a unique code which contains copyright and license. It is mandatory to purchase the reproducible master copy in order to be modified or reproduced, as they are owned by Apnaghar. The reproducible master provides you with copyright release and license to reproduce. This gives you the legal right to modify and/or copy the original design.
Our stock house plans are not sold with a stamp (architectural or engineering seal), although, we can provide you with referrals to engineers who can provide you with the site specific engineering (not available for all states and provinces).
We usually use e-mail for daily communications and sending soft copy of the drawings. After the drawings are finalized, we send the hardcopy of drawings (A3 spiral) via courier which gets delivered within 20 working days.
We keep a permanent multi-channel contact with our clients via these methods: Phone 91-120-4022333 // Fax: 91-120-4022301 //E- mail: contact@apnaghar.co.in.
The drawings that we provide are highly detailed which can easily be understood by you and your contractor. Normally there is no need of site visit from our side. But if there’s any problem in understanding the designs or its execution, we connect you with our architects via call, who will help you with your problem. Our team of architects is always there for your assistance till the construction is completed.