How to choose a House Design according to your personality

Building your own house is everyone’s dream. But before building a house you must start thinking that what kind of house design suits you. Your house is not a just a place where you live, it is a reflection of your personality. Are you an adventurous person, are you a nature lover, are you a person who prefers solitude, or are you a highly social person? All these emotions and attitudes should truly reflect in your house style.


Home Sweet Home

It’s not just about reflecting your personality through your house, but the floor plan of the house contributes in utility as well. Take for instance, if you are a highly social person, then your drawing room should be the most expressive part of your house. It should be spacious, it should have a good sitting arrangement, and it should feel lively and full of positive energy.
House Interiors


On the other hand, someone with a limited social circle will prefer a cosy environment, as he only expects less or special guests in his house. All these things need to be considered before building your house. Many people confuse that it’s only the interiors of the house that are responsible for giving your house a persona, but often ignore that the arrangement of rooms and space also plays an important role.



Utility of other things like location of washroom and kitchen cannot be ignored as well. If you have a visitor in your house, you’d definitely not want them to have complete view of the house. Hence, you should avoid placing washroom at the opposite end of the drawing room, as a visitor would have to pass through the complete house to use the washroom.


A minimalist person would prefer an energy efficient house that runs on essential electrical and electronic equipment. He would prefer a house with aesthetic furniture and more space. The design in this case will be more inclined towards the energy flow. On the other hand, a techie person would want a house full of gadgets. In this case the inclination will be more towards maximizing space utilization. In both the cases, the ideation process of building the house has a big difference and it has to be well thought before the construction begins.


So if you are planning to build your house, don’t forget to tell your architect that what kind of personality you have and what kind of emotion you want to dwell upon your house. After all, it’s your dream home, and you build it once in your life, pouring all your heart and emotions into it.