How to plan construction if you are using wood as the building material

Wood is one of the oldest material in history used for construction. With progress in the construction industry, there are many other materials that have been developed, like bricks, mortar, steel, and cement, but the charm and benefits of wood still gives it an extra edge.



First of all, one cannot deny the fact that a wooden house showcases an aesthetic look. The beautifying property of wood that it shows a beautiful and unique texture, depending on how it is cut and processed makes it different. Wood also acts as an excellent sound absorber which is why it’s normally used to build concert halls and music studios. It exhibits excellent strength as opposed to its lightweight property, and its flexibility also aids in making an earthquake resistant house. Thus, a wooden house can be considered as seismic resistant to some extent. In earthquake prone areas like states near the Himalayan belt should preferably be built on a wooden frame. Also, its insulating properties keeps the structure warm from inside, which is an added advantage in these areas.


A common misconception is that a house built from wood is made 100% out of wooden material. Using a good combination of both steel/concrete structures and wooden logs, can help you reap advantages of both the materials. A wooden structure is normally built on a concrete or a steel plinth.



If one wants to see both sides of the coin, one should consider some drawbacks related to wooden structures as well. Most of them, though, can easily be overcome with the help of remedial measures. The most commonly faced problem is deterioration of wood caused by insects, termites, beetles etc. This can be solved by application of pastes and wrapping with preservative bandages. Normally we think of wood as a flammable material, but using solutions, like thick wood as structure material and using fire retardants, the flammability issue can be overcome.


Here is a cottage designed by Apnaghar which combines concrete, steel, and wood to build a beautiful house:



Using the perfect structure drawing is  really important in case of building a wooden house. The structure engineer will keep into account all the factors to make the house structure resistant by considering the right amount and composition of wood and steel.
If you have always wished to build a beautiful wooden house like you have seen in movies and wallpapers, but giving it a second thought because of the complexity involved, you should stop worrying. With the help of right architect and structure engineer you can easily convert your dream house into a reality.