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A Plumbing Drawing shows the water piping system of a house. A detailed plumbing drawing enables the plumber to spot a possible water flow issue that otherwise may get overlooked.

A well designed plumbing systems ensures cost-effectiveness in a long run. Getting your plumbing system designed by an amateur might cause leakage, resulting in dampening of walls, which not only effects the beauty of your home but might also cause weakening of wall strength. A robust plumbing system remains effective and functioning throughout the year.

Apnaghar provides you with cost-effective, easy-to-understand plumbing drawings for installation of the plumbing system. We create detailed Plumbing Drawings taking into consideration any future expansion that you might need.

Our Plumbing Drawings give exhaustive details of water supply pipes, type of pipes to be used, fixtures and fixture traps, waste and vent pipes, rainwater drainage and sewer system.

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  Floor Plan with furniture Layout

  3D View

  Working Drawings (2D Elevation,Detail Drawing of Cross Sectio, Walls,Doors& Windows,toilets & Kitchen)

  Structure Drawings (Beam Details, Foundation Details, Foundation Plan General Arrangement of Beams and Reinforcement Details of Each Floor)

 Plumbing Drawing

 Electrical Drawing

 Bill Of Quantity (Estimate Cost of Construction)