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Surf through more than 500 readymade house plans and explore creative ideas to build your home. This will give you an overview of latest house designs that you can use as a reference.


If you find a plan which fits your needs, you can buy them at discounts as high as 60%. Selecting a pre-designed house design not only saves you money, but also saves a lot of time as all designs are ready to be handed over to your contractor.


We offer huge variety of House Designs with neat layouts, working drawings, kitchen designs, toilet and bathroom designs, and detailed floor plans.

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  • Surf through our gallery of pre-designed house plans.
  • Select a house plan whose dimensions are less than your plot size.
  • For eg, if your plot size is 200 sq. mtr.,
    then choose a plan which ranges between 180 – 190 sq. mtr. The remaining space can be used for landscaping (garden, garage etc.)
  • Call our customer care number, +91-08039567010. Keep the selected house plan’s code number (AG-459, AG-460 etc.) handy before calling.
    International customers can call us on +91-1204022333.
  • Our representative will guide you with the next steps.
  • Finished