Vastu – An age old art of building a peaceful home

Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture which combines architecture principles with nature to enhance peace and prosperity in a house. With new learning and development in modern architecture, new ways have also come into the scene where people prefer to focus more on maximum utilization of space. Though it is always a personal preference which technique an individual wants to use, combining both practices is a good idea.




Here are a few basic ideas which Vastu Shastra suggests while building a house:


  • Keep open space around your house for air ventilation. Try to give a larger space on the east side of the house and less space on the west side.
  • Avoid placing doors in the southwest corners or the southwest portion of the house.
  • If the southern portion of your house is larger or higher than the northern portion, the plot is really auspicious. In this case, you can build the house on the southern side, to get maximum positive energy from the southern side.
  • The sun rises in the east and brings in optimistic energy and light into the household. Hence, east is the best direction for the main entrance.
  • The South-East corner of the house is the most ideal for the kitchen’s location.


Though all Vastu practices cannot be followed because of limitations of the plot, there are many alternatives to make the best use of available area. A good architect understands this and has solutions as per your plot. Apart from Vastu, here are few modern practices which should generally be followed for construction:


  • The floor plan of the house should utilize the available space in best possible way. Also, electrical and plumbing piping should be planned in advance as per the floor plan so as to avoid any problem in future.
  • The hallway should be made wide without any zig zag to ease the movement of furniture.
  • There should be ample ventilation through the house to ensure energy saving.
  • The placement of staircase should be made in such a way that the space below the staircase is not wasted.
  • There should be space left for utility area like keeping washing machine etc.




Whenever you start building your house, make sure that your architect is using the perfect combination of Vastu and modern techniques. If you are doubtful about it and want to take a second opinion, you can always ask the experts.