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A Working Drawing gives micro-level dimensions of all the components of a house and serves as comprehensive guide for the construction of a structure.

Incorrect working drawings with vague specifications often lead to misunderstandings between owners and contractors. This results in increase in project cost and unsatisfactory results. Without perfect working drawing, it’s impossible to construct the design properly without any error.

Working Drawings should be drawn with definite dimensions of all the components of the house such as staircases, doors, windows (along with their swing direction), galleries, thickness of walls, and arrangement of fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs and appliances.

Apnaghar’s team of expert architects designs working drawings which are ready to be handed over to a contractor. Our architects develop them after several rounds of reviews and modifications; taking care of local municipal bylaws, best design practices, and personal inputs from house owners.

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  Floor Plan with furniture Layout

  3D View

  Working Drawings (2D Elevation,Detail Drawing of Cross Sectio, Walls,Doors& Windows,toilets & Kitchen)

  Structure Drawings (Beam Details, Foundation Details, Foundation Plan General Arrangement of Beams and Reinforcement Details of Each Floor)

 Plumbing Drawing

 Electrical Drawing

 Bill Of Quantity (Estimate Cost of Construction)